Kitten Toys

Kittens are playful creatures by nature. They enjoy interacting with their new owners, as well as playing on their own. Fun kitten toys are a great way to bond with your new pet, while keeping them active and healthy.

Kittens toys are best enjoyed by kittens when they have some sort of motion of their own. Balls that continue to roll after the kitten touches them, feathery items that continue to sway after the kitten swipes at them, or items attached to a string that jump when jiggled by the kitten’s owner or swing about when the kitten paws them. These sorts of kitten toys can keep you cat engaged for long periods of time.birdpole kitten toy

Playing is great exercise for kittens, and helps develop their muscles and establish a good healthy, active routine. If your kitten is to be an indoor only cat, then finding ways to exercise and be active indoors is a must. Outdoor cats run more often, climb trees, and instinctively hunt. Indoor kittens need to simulate these same activities when possible. Using toys that they can chase about a room and kitten toys that appeal to their hunting instinct are sure-fire ways to keep your kittens frolicking happily throughout your home.

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Best foods for Siberian Kittens

Pls feed me properly - yum!

Pls feed me properly - yum!

This post is all about the best foods for your new Siberian Kitten. Basically I am using my own experience here as a breeder of Siberian Kittens and want to promote the best an most healthy eating and diet possible. So what is the best food for kittens?

No matter where you get your kitten, a good breeder will have your kitten on a diet of tinned foods and fresh raw meat.

While your kitten is still very small, I recommend that you provide a minimum of 3-4 small meals a day. Your new Siberian can little amounts at each meal, but as your kitten grows you will be able to increase the size of the meals and cut down gradually from 4 to 3 meals.

Kittens love chicken wings...

Kittens love chicken wings...

I use minced (aka ground) and diced beef, in addition I also give my Siberian Kittens fresh chicken wings and thighs and cooked chicken. Chicken wings are especially good for the kittens to eat because they help to clean their teeth and gums. The wing can be cut into two or three pieces to start with and then eventually the kitten should be able to eat a whole wing as one meal.

You may include different types of meat in the diet but one note of caution when fee liver please feed no more than once a week as this is very high in vitamin A and Siberian Cats have been proven to have an adverse effect from this vitamin in large doses.

Feeding dry food alone to a cat especially Siberian Cats can create problems. If these are not a high quality specialty biscuit designed for this purpose. Generally available only from a vet. Please, speak with your vet if you decide you would prefer to feed dry food only.

  1. Tip 1: Give your kitten grated cheese, they love it and giving it as a treat a couple of times a week is a good idea.
  2. Tip 2: Do NOT give milk to your Siberian Kitten. (Note: All cats are lactose intolerant so milk will give the kitten diarrhea and should be avoided). Lactose free milk is the only choice if you want to give your cat a treat.
  3. Tip 3: Complete dietary changes without gradually introducing new foods is a bad idea.|
  4. Tip 4: Adding a small amount of olive oil to the food once a week will also help to keep the kitten free of fur balls and makes the coat healthy and glossy.
  5. Tip 5: When considering the BEST dry foods for your Siberian Kitten, I use and highly recommend Nutro Pet Products and you may find a supplier nearby if you visit their website.

NOTE: If you are a breeder or cat lover and you have any more tips (or disagreements) pls leave a comment on this post…

Siberian Kitten Photos

Thats right this post is all about pictures of Siberian Kittens from Miakoschka Siberian Cats. This is a regular thing I will be doing here on the site. This first collection I am posting will be of a wide range of color choices the beautiful breed of Siberian Cats comes in. (Note: these are from the show/breeders siberian gallery on my site) Enjoy!

Some of the New Stars of my Miakoschka Siberian Cattery

Some of the Classic Kittens from my Cattery

Miakoshcka Kalista - now living in Victoria, Australia

Miakoshcka Kalista - now living in Victoria, Australia

Miakoschka Coorah - now living in thte USA

Miakoschka Coorah - now living in the USA

Zakharushka - now living Brisbane, Australia

Zakharushka - now living Brisbane, Australia

Miakoschka Serjoscha - now living in Germany

Miakoschka Serjoscha - now living in Germany

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